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Conductive Rubber/ TENS/ estim/ rubber loop/ electrastim/ ET312

Conductive Rubber/ TENS/ estim/ rubber loop/ electrastim/ ET312

Conductive Rubber/ TENS/ estim/ rubber loop/ electrastim/ ET312

Carbon Conductive Rubber LoopsOur popular budget loops are back in stock!A pair of conductive rubber loops in either 4mm, 5mm or 6mm diameter, made from at least 25cm of British conductive silicon rubber tube with an internal diameter of 1.75mm (will accept standard 2mm wire pins)The 4mm and 5mm loops come with plastic securing toggles, our 6mm loops are supplied with O-ring fasteners.Please just select which diameter loops you require from the drop-down variations box above, and select the quantity.Private listing, and items sent under padded plain cover.We post all orders received before 2.30 pm the same day..Please note: 4mm and 5mm OD tube now supplied as an uncut length of 500mm for you to "Tailor-to-fit"Free UK postage and low-cost Royal Mail postage to Europe.For your privacy, we will not leave feedback unless you do so for us.Please see our other listings and our received feedback.All our items are sent by first class mailRegarding postage,As stated, we always post items by 1st class mail, the same day as you place your order, providing that we receive the notification by our cut-off time.It is easy to forget, in this modern, instantaneous world that some things actually take time to "happen". Take, for example, the delivery of your package. It has to be collected from a post-box, taken to a local depot. From there it then goes to a distribution hub many, many miles away, sorted into areas, sent to another local depot, sorted into streets and physically taken to your door. the process is even more drawn-out if the package is going abroad......Our Royal Mail do a splendid job of doing this, with very few hiccups, for both first and second class mail, but it is reliant on vehicles working correctly, local traffic conditions, people not being taken ill, major disasters and lots of other unforeseen problems. Because of this, the Royal Mail provide the following information on their web site (I paraphrase):1st class mail (and signed-for 1st class) - aimed to deliver next working day in the UK.International mail (standard) 3-7 working days.Items are not considered "lost" until:1st class and signed-for (UK) = 10 working days after the due date.Standard International post = 20 working days after due date for Europe, and 25 working days after due date for the rest of the world.Please do consider this information before reporting items undelivered.

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